Why Transmissions Need Rebuilds

Intro to Transmission Repair

The transmission is a complex, mystical machine. With so many moving parts, it’s difficult to grasp how it works and why it breaks. A good place to start is by understanding the relationship between the engine and transmission, and with that, the differences of speed and torque.

Speed & Torque

Engine speed is the rate of the crankshaft spinning, measured in revolutions per minute (RPMs).

Engine torque is how much force the engine generates at a particular RPM.

Think of it like throwing a ball. Speed is how many times you throw the ball in a minute. Torque is how hard you throw the ball each time.

You can imagine the amount of energy it would take you to throw balls as fast and hard as possible. When it translates to your engine, there’s a sweet spot that delivers optimal torque and power without overworking the whole system. If the motor spins below that zone, there won’t be enough torque to move the car forward. If it spins above the threshold, torque drops off and the engine sounds like it’s about to explode from overworking.

Enter Transmission

The transmission ensures that your engine spins at an optimal rate (regardless of how hard you hit the gas pedal) and that the wheels have the right amount of power to move and stop the car (regardless of the situation). How does it do this? A complex system of different sized gears that adjust and leverage gear ratios.

Gear ratios are associated with the numerous gears (usually 1-5) a transmission shifts through to control speed and torque.

Transmission Rebuilds

All of the gears and parts in the transmission work hard when your car is running. They undergo a lot of wear and tear and may need repair at some point in your vehicle’s lifespan. A transmission rebuild is an option for drivers who need a budget-friendly solution to transmission failure. It can also be a faster solution, depending on where you go for service. By replacing only the parts that are damaged, a rebuild is an efficient, cost-effective method of restoring a failing transmission.

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