When is it time for a new transmission?

When is it time for a new transmission?

The lifespan of transmissions can vary, depending on the vehicle and how well maintenance is kept up with. With estimates ranging for 100,000 miles to 200,000 miles, it can be hard to tell when you may need a new transmission- if you do at all.

Below are just a few signs that will tell you should get your car looked at or when it may be time for a new transmission.

Warning Light Activates

One of the most obvious indicators that you need to get your transmission checked or replaced is your vehicle’s warning light. Our cars are good at telling us when they need help, though often times we ignore those lights on our dash. Your vehicle is equipped with sensors that recognize early issues you may not be able to feel or see yourself. Listen to what your car is telling you and visit the professionals.

Fluid Leak

One of the easiest ways to tell if you need to get your transmission checked is a fluid leak. If you spot fluid in your driveway or parking lot, it’s a good indicator of some sort of transmission issue. A leak can be a sign of many different issues like worn axles, an out of balance drive shaft, loose hardware, etc – but if not detected early, could cause more serious transmission damage.

Transmission Slipping

You may be driving and it feels like your vehicle is changing gears for no real reason – you can feel a shift or “slipping” action. You might also hear a high pitch/whistling noise from your engine. Maybe it feels like you aren’t changing gears as easily or smoothly as you should be.These are signs of your transmission slipping. The most common cause of transmission slipping is low fluid levels, but you should also get your car checked to make sure it isn’t anything more serious.

Delay in Movement

Do you feel any delay or lag when trying to accelerate? Any hesitation is a sign something is wrong. Your car should shift easily into each gear, and if it doesn’t, your transmission may need some help. Besides being a maintenance issue, acceleration delays are also a safety issue. Visit your local transmission expert immediately and keep your vehicle and yourself safe.

Save yourself time and money, by visiting a professional and getting  a proper diagnosis from the beginning. Our team is confident that when we’re able to give your vehicle the first look, we’ll get you started off on the right foot. Give us a call today at (516) 336-4126 to schedule an appointment to address and fix any transmission question or malfunction.


Written by Transmission Technicians