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We had cargo vans serviced recently. they were professional, fairly priced and most importantly did EXCELLENT work. I will definitely be using them again and would highly recommend using them to others. -EMGI

Thanks to transmission technicians I didn’t spend 2800 on a tranny like aamco said if I ever need future work or refer anybody I would tell them to come here 100% -Joe C

Professional service from secretary to the mechanics. -Edward I.

What an incredible group! My truck was involved in an accident and I was certain it needed a new transmission. I went in drove with two different guys as truck had a shuffle. No transmission needed tech told me just drive truck it will be fine. It’s been 6 years and they were dead on! I did do a tranny flush happily and confident with them. Any future problems no doubt first place I’d totally go. What a peace of mind to not be getting robbed or being sold unnecessary service. THIS IS CUSTOMER SERVICE AND THIS IS WHAT Sends YOU MORE CUSTOMERS!!!! Thank you guys!! -Miriam P.

Ian, Walter and Amanda, were the most pleasant and courteous people I have ever met in this business. They understood our financial dilemma and were able to fix our mini van and keep us under budget. These people are “Angels” and truly worked a miracle for us, with the help of the big man upstairs of course!! Lol ! Our mini van runs perfect now. Warranty, craftsmanship and customer service was impeccable, you can’t put a price tag on that! Thanks for everything! Richard H.

Friendly thorough and reliable serivce. Mark is very knowlegable. – Dean D.

I found the service very friendly and my service writer seem to know what he was talking about. Prices were taked about up front and there were no hidden extras. I highly recomment them if your cars trasmission needs service or repairs. – Walter F.

I recently brought in my wife’s Nissan Rogue for a transmission fluid change the cost was reasonable and professionally performed. It is nice to find a Professional Shop without dealership prices. I would recommend this business if you want quality care for your automobile. – Bob C.

They rebuilt the tranny on my jeep guarenteed for 2 years, runs excellent. What do I say? – Rick Z.

While it is never a good thing to have one’s transmission serviced this experience wasn’t that painful. Mark my technician explained the details in a way that I could understand. He kept me informed of the progress-this is not a one day fix. Finally there is also follow up to make sure the job is done right. – Sophie M.

Outstanding in every way from the diagnostics and analysis of my transmission problem to the work they performed and especially the customer service they provided. The last thing you want to know is that you’ve got a major transmission problem. You know it’s going to be costly – and you know it can be time consuming. Rebuilding my original 2003 Acura transmission with 220000 miles on it cost what I’d have expected. But Walt and his team did the job in less than three days and arranged an inexpensive rental car for my use during the time. They kept me informed of the situation and progress throughout. If you’ve got a transmission problem and hopefully it’s not a rebuild like mine Transmission Technicians in Massapequa is the only way to go. – Moke M.

We had our ’03 Murano brought to Transmisiion Technicians. We were most pleased with Mark our initial contact Amanda and Walter. We were kept aware of what the diagnosis was Amanda and Walter. We were kept aware of what the diagnosis was what parts were needed and a general idea of the cost. The car was repaired with all new parts no rebuilt from another car . When we questioned an issue Walter the owner was made aware and took care of it immediately. We would bring our cars here and would recommend Transmission Techs always. Thank you all. – Ron D.

Service was excellent and very professional. – Joe P.

The service was excellent. I was continually updated with the repair and fully informed as to the cause of the transmission problem. They are honest and forthright on all levels and our car is driving beautifully. Feels like a new car. Thank you Mark, Walter, Amanda and the technicians that performed the rebuild of the transmission in our Mercedes. – Felix V.

Honest, efficient, trustworthy. Other shops would have removed and reassembled the entire transmission to fix my problem but the TT technicians were skilled enough to do tbe job thorouhly without having to charge me for this unnecessary expense at one fifth of the cost. Highly recommend this shop and the owner for their skilled integrity. – Gerard M.

Very friendly trustworthy experience. – Sandie P.

Being a route distributor my truck is the key factor in my business they had me in and out the same day. Thanks Mark and Walter. – Joe B.

Just brought in my 2003 honda pilot with obvious transmission problem! Very courteous and polite service ! Mark road tested the car with me and checked the codes. He is the first transmission representative to test the vehicle with me in it and also go on the highway! He explained possible cost and fee for diagnosis involving dropping the transmission ! He seemed straight forward and honest no pressure sales ! Awaiting diagnosis ! So far a respectable comfortable feeling of honesty and reliability! – Edward Y.

They did a great job very professional and fast. – Anonymous