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Transmission Technicians is here to turn your transmission problems and concerns into final solutions. Our team has decades of quality transmission repair experience, and we’re ready to meet your needs. We understand how difficult transmission repairs can be, even for the experienced mechanic, so it’s our duty to look out for you. Our customers are never paying for more transmission services than necessary. With our state-of-the-art equipment, we keep customers’ benefiting from the industry’s most advanced technologies. Today’s vehicles are becoming more and more complex and your plan was just to drive your vehicle, not service its transmission. That doesn’t mean trust any mechanic who says they can fix transmissions. We’re the transmission experts in the Long Island area that you can trust! It takes decades of experience and training to match our skill level. A good percentage of our transmission work is fixing what has already been done wrong. Transmission Technicians will make sure you avoid that unnecessary wear and tear on your transmission. The truth is, we’re a team of friendly and professional transmission service experts who spend our days relieving customers of their most complicated transmission concerns.

The Highest Standard of Transmission Service

Continued education and training is the key to Transmission Technicians’ position as the Metro NY leader in transmission service. You can find us represented at every ATRA (Automatic Transmission Rebuilders Association) Expo and local seminar. We’ve been here, doing top quality transmission services this 1986. We always provide our customers with complete assurance that their transmission repairs are being handled by the best. Make yourself comfortable in our spacious and welcoming repair facility while our specialists handle everything else. Our team sends you away in vehicles with transmissions that are fixed, fully operational, and ready for the future.

Come Meet Our Team!

David Casamassa is the owner of Transmission Technicians in Massapequa, NY and he leads a team of Long Island’s best transmission service providers. While transmission repairs may be complex and frustrating, the service we provide is easy and stress-free. When you visit our repair facility, you’ll encounter smiles that let you know your vehicle’s transmission is in good hands. Give us a call (516) 798-7600 to schedule your transmission service appointment. Let our friendly experts return your transmission’s performance to its original condition.