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The wide variety of services that we provide at Transmission Technicians covers many of the components for your drivetrain system. Your vehicle’s transfer case is designed to transfer power from the transmission to your 4-wheel drive. Depending on what your driving habits are, and your vehicle’s use, you need to maintain your transfer case’s quality function. When there is a breakdown in the power delivery to the wheels, the problem may need to be fixed with a transfer case rebuild. The highly qualified techs at Transmission Technicians in Massapequa, NY are able to manage the transfer case operation. Power can be distributed to the front and back wheels to switch your vehicle from a 2WD to a 4WD. The transfer case is also responsible for sending power to the front and rear axles, in order to switch into higher gears in 4WDs. Consult our team of experts to bring you optimal wheel performance for any 2, 4, or All-Wheel Drive Vehicle.

Transmission Service Experts For Off-Road Vehicles

Your vehicle needs an expert to make sure the transfer case is powering your wheels efficiently. For off-road excursions, drivers need to be aware of the transfer case’s responsibility in making sure your 4WD vehicle performs safely. The power expectations placed on your front and back tires at different speeds and in different gears is managed by your transfer case. Transmission Technicians has a team that can make sure your vehicle continues to operate effectively under all road conditions. Avoid wheels and tires spinning at improper rates by allowing our team to perform transfer case rebuild services. When components like the transfer case are malfunctioning it requires a trained hand to rebuild it. Trust our team of experts! We’ll get it done right the first time.

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Our team in Massapequa is ready to fix all of your transfer case needs. The transfer case rebuild will return your 2WD or 4WD to its original condition. For any of your vehicle’s off-road, a transfer rebuild might be necessary. Stop by our repair facility if you have any questions or concerns about the function of your transfer case. We’re ready to perform a quality transfer case rebuild using the best quality parts. Give us a call at 516-882-3707 to schedule your transfer case rebuild appointment.