How to Tell When You Need a New Clutch

Is Your Third Pedal Giving You Trouble?

Transmission Technicians in North Massapequa, New York have done their fair share of clutch replacements and repairs, and know all too well the signs and symptoms of a failing clutch. However, to help you keep an eye and ear out, pay attention to the following seven signs of a failing clutch.

Trouble Finding Reverse

While it may not seem like it, putting your vehicle into reverse is one of the most challenging jobs a clutch to perform, because it takes a lot of force. Therefore, when a clutch is failing, it will often be a struggle to put the car in reverse.

Soft Pedal, Decreased Resistance

The depression of a clutch pedal should take pressure and force. If you are being met with little resistance, then that is also a sign of a failing part. A soft pedal is one of the earliest indications for a clutch replacement.

Clutch Slipping

Slipping refers to the clutch plate not engaging or disengaging when the pedal is pressed or released. A sign of slipping is the increase in revving with no change in power.

Difficulty Changing Gears

Difficulty changing gears is a reliable indicator that your clutch should be replaced. The whole purpose for the device is to change gears, and if you are struggling to accomplish that task, then find a shop to replace the part.

Strange Noises

As with many other failing car components, the clutch is not without its strange noises when failing. For example, grinding noises when you press the pedal is a good indicator that something is wrong. Also, some knocking noises or bumping can indicate a problem.


Another common symptom to watch for is pedal vibration. The clutch pedal should not create a lot of vibration when depressed, but if it is, then get to a shop and have it checked.

Bad Smells

Last, you may notice some intense burning smells. The smells may be most prominent at the top of an incline.
If you have experienced one or several of the above warning signs, then you likely need a new clutch. Contact Transmission Technicians and schedule an appointment for a clutch repair.

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