Signs Your Axle May Need Repair

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4 Signs You Need Axle Repair

A car’s axles are the rods that rotate the wheels and help to support the vehicle’s weight. Even though axles are tough and built to handle heavy loads, they can experience wear and tear over time. It’s important to know the telltale signs of an axle issue. The axle repair experts at Transmission Technicians in North Massapequa, New York are here to point out the four signs that you need auto axle repair.

Bad Vibes

If you recently ran over a deep pothole, curb, or another object, your car may have suffered axle damage. If you notice vibrating that is accompanied by odd tire wobbling, a rumbling sound, or sluggish steering, book an axle repair appointment at Transmission Technicians in North Massapequa, New York right away.

Clunking, Clacking, and Clicking

Cars can produce a lot of strange noises when there is a problem. An axle issue can cause your car to clunk or click when you put it into gear. Moreover, your car may even struggle to get started. If you notice loud clunking noises underneath your car, it’s smart to have a transmission repair professional take a look.

Going Nowhere Fast

If your car doesn’t move, even though it turns over and switches gears properly, it may have a bad or broken axle. No matter how hard you press down on the gas pedal, your vehicle won’t move. Call the professionals at Transmission Technicians to schedule an axle repair appointment.

A Grease Leak

Whenever your vehicle is leaking fluid, it’s a bad sign. If you notice a puddle of grease forming under your car or on the edge of the inside of your tire, there could be a leak in the axle boot. This is the rubber covering on the drive axle joint. Though a leaky axle doesn’t signify current damage, low grease levels can lead to an axle problem. Call Transmission Technicians in North Massapequa, New York to have the leak repaired.

Expert Axle Repairs

If you notice any of the aforementioned axle issues, call Transmission Technicians in North Massapequa, New York today. Our team specializes in complete axle repair to keep your car going stronger for longer. Call us today at (516) 798-7600 to book your appointment now.

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