What are Car Axles and Why do They Need Repair?

What is a Car Axle?

Does Yours Need Repairs?

At the Transmission Technicians shop, we often say that without the transmission system, your vehicle wouldn’t be able to move. Technically, that’s correct, as the transmission helps transfer power generated from the engine to the wheels. But it’s also a general statement, as there’s a specific component that’s responsible for moving your car forward or backward: the car axle.

So, what is a car axle? This important component is what spins your wheels, keeps them together, and holds the weight of your vehicle. They can come in different forms — bars, steel rods, shafts — but the functionality stays the same, keeping your wheels going. And because of its importance, you must make sure that the car axle is operating properly, as even small issues can quickly drop the performance of your vehicle. But, unlike other components, it can be a little more difficult to know if there is a problem with the axle and pinpoint the exact issue. And that’s where we can help. Here are some common car axle problems you may experience:

  • Bad Vibrations: although you can experience some bad vibrations from other issues, what distinguishes that from a car axle problem is when these vibrations are paired with a strange rumble underneath your vehicle. This is extremely noticeable during accelerations, decelerations, and turns, so make sure to pay attention to that as well. If you’re dealing with this, you may have a bent axle.
  • No Movement: you’ll quickly know something is wrong with the car axle if your car isn’t moving at all after the car starts. In fact, everything else about your vehicle could be working. It could start fine, have a great engine sound, and even shift into gear properly, but if the axle is broken, your car isn’t going anywhere. If you’re shifting into drive or reverse and the only thing you get is your engine revving, you’ll need to get repairs ASAP. 


Hopefully, with this information, you may know more quickly if your car is dealing with axle issues. And if you need car axle repairs, let the Transmission Technicians in North Massapequa, New York, help you! Our techs can perform the repairs with quality and care, ensuring your drives are never ruined by a damaged or broken axle.

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