What Goes Into Axle Repair

Understanding the Components and Prices of Axle Repair

When it comes to driving, turning, and carrying the weight of your vehicle, nothing works harder than the axles. In upstate New York, it’s easy to ignore these integral components until it’s too late and a major fix is necessary. Before you look into axle repair, we at Transmission Technicians in North Massapequa feel it’s essential to know how it works and what fixing the problem might entail.

Axle Basics

Essentially, the axle is part of your car or truck that attaches to the wheels and helps it move. By transferring the torque from the engine, it rolls the wheels in the desired direction. It also needs to withstand turning and braking forces, all while supporting all of the car’s weight, including the engine, passengers, and cargo. That’s a lot of work for one set of parts, but technology has put more burdens on their shoulders.

The Two Types

Most vehicles use two types of axles. The drive axle connects to the driveshaft and Transmission, powering the vehicle to move. The secondary component is the dead axle, which rolls as the car moves and is primarily load-bearing. Some vehicles combine the axle and Transmission into the transaxle, and many cars today have split axles for independent rotation that helps with steering and braking, too.

A Joint Collaboration

One of the most common issues drivers have with their axles is poor maintenance concerning the CV joint. This component connects the wheel to the axle and is covered by a rubber boot that if torn could result in corrosion. When getting axle repair, it’s also important mechanics check the main assembly for rust as well, since replacing parts in such conditions won’t be as reliable. Excellent technicians will opt for an axle repair bearing assembly, which not only takes care of the problem components but replaces worn wheel bearings at the same time.

If your car is making clunking noises when getting into gear, intense vibrations when turning and braking, or if your vehicle won’t move when in drive, you’ll need to have your axle assembly inspected. Don’t ignore one of the most important parts of your vehicle and maintain the axle, wheel bearings, and CV joint to ensure you’re always getting a smooth ride on the road!

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