What’s Involved in Driveline Repair

What It Is and How It’s Repaired

You may have heard the term “driveline” in reference to your car, or perhaps you have been told that you need a driveline repair. This can leave a lot of people asking a simple question: what is the driveline?

It is a series of parts that are involved with transferring power from the engine to the drive wheels but not including the engine or the transmission. The driveline includes the driveshaft, axles, differentials, joints and wheels. A similar term “drivetrain” refers to the driveline and the engine and transmission combined. These components may need repairs if they are damaged, worn, rusted, or otherwise broken.

How To Know When You Need a Driveline Repair

In the worst cases, driveline damage may completely prevent power from getting to your wheels. In other cases, you may hear an unusual sound, such as grinding or banging when you are driving. Your vehicle may seem underpowered or unresponsive to power. You may also experience a shuddering whenever you accelerate. All these issues are symptoms of a driveline problem.

If you are experiencing any problems that you suspect may be a driveline issue, schedule an appointment to have it checked out immediately. Driving with damaged driveline components could significantly worsen the problem and potentially be very unsafe. You don’t want to have something break while you are driving on the highway.

Typically, driveline repairs involve replacing components. In some cases, it may be necessary to replace the entire system. Older vehicles are more likely to need this more extensive repair. It is possible to fix the driveline issues yourself by replacing the parts. However, this is often unadvisable unless you are very experienced. Improperly diagnosing the issue could make your driveline repair very costly.

Balancing the Shaft

Shuddering while accelerating or a loud noise when shifting gears is an indication there is a problem with the driveline joints. A technician can examine the housing and individual components for cracks, damage and overall wear.

Schedule a Driveline Repair

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